The Samaru Islands, officially the Republic of the Samaru Islands was a multi-island nation to the east of Australia. During the events of Sea Patrol II- The Coup, the Samaru Islands is under threat from political turmoil and an insurgency against what is suggested to be a corrupt national government. HMAS Hammersley along with troops from the Australian Army and elements of the French Navy lead a United Nations peacekeeping force as well as Samaruan security forces. 


Samaru, during Sea Patrol II-The Coup, was affected by an insurgency led by former government minister turned presidential candidate Masita Balanbaan, however the financial and strategic compenents of the insurgency were controlled by businessmen Ray Walsman.

The Insurgency was made up of mainly mercenaries from Eastern Europe, complemented with Samaruans with no trust left in their corrupt government.