Dylan Mulholland


Dylan Mulholland


Dutchy, Dutch






Petty Officer


Boatswain (a.k.a Bosun or Buffer)

Known Relatives

Unknown Parents

Portrayed by

Conrad Coleby

First Appearance

Night of the Long Knives

Last Appearance

One Perfect Day

Dylan Mulholland is a replacement for Pete Tomaszewski, whose last appearance was in the final episode of season three.

"Dutchy", as he is known as by the crew, is a veteran of the Gulf War and was awarded the Medal for Gallantry (MG) after a boarding party incident, which ended with his Boarding Officer killed, which explains his protective behavior towards Lieutenant Kate McGregor, HMAS Hammersley's XO and Dutchy's new boarding officer.


In Order of Precedence

Medal for Gallantry (MG) < Medal for Gallantry (MG)

Australian Active Service Medal < Australian Active Service Medal

Iraq Medal (Australia) < Iraq Medal

Defence Long Service Medal < Defence Long Service Medal

Australian Defence Medal < Australian Defence Medal

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Dutchy grew up on a cattle farm as a child. His parents were once wealthy property owners until a drought hit the farm and they had to sell up.

Season 4 Edit

Night of The Long Knives Edit

Dutchy is first introduced to the series, by being given the Medal for Gallantry by the American Ambassador, Phil Davis. 2Dads is jealous of the attention that the girls give Dutchy for his good looks. Later on in the day Dutchy is signed on to the HMAS Hammersley as their new Buffer and assist in finding the missing American citizen whom was later found and discovered to be Phil Davis' assistant. Admitting that she told her torturers the location of Ambassador Davis and his family.

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At the end of the episode it is made clear that Dutchy is currently serving in Afghanistan.

Personality Edit

Dutchy is a loyal sailor and is strongly protective of his friends and colleagues. He takes his duty and role on the HMAS Hammersley extremely seriously and will always put himself forward to protect those he cares about.

Appearances Edit

Season 4 Appearances
Night of the Long Knives Crocodile Tears The Right Stuff Ransom
Paradise Lost Big Fish Shoes of the Fisherman The Universal Donor
Dutch Courage Rawhide Brotherhood of the Sea Rumble in the Jungle
Soft Target (Soft Touch) Live Catch Flotsam and Jetsam In Too Deep
Season 5 Appeances
The Third Man Eye for an Eye Crimes of Passion Spoils of War Dead Zone
The Stinger Black Flights Lifeline Dead Sea The Hunted
The Morning After Saving Ryan One Perfect Day

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